● In July 2022, Himo World Open Beta was officially released for every Summoner with a much more promising and upgraded experience. This beta version includes new game features, adopting the Elo ranking system, expansion of the rank tiers, and improvements in the gameplay system. Let’s drill down into the details of Himo World Open Beta’s new updates!
● We are excited to announce that Himo World has been available on Android and App Store. Summoners can now quickly access the game and enjoy every move on the battlefields as if playing on a PC.
● Let’s create a room all your own, and train, master, and conquer your victory. Remember to turn on your notifications to update the latest events on Himo World mobile app.


● App link and brower link are above.

● Himo World is a free-to-play game that emphasizes strategy and the battle of wits.

● However, players can buy a 'Treasure box' to own powerful and rare Heroes and the benefits of a Premium Account that will have premium frames on the avatar.


● To begin the game, you need four Heroes corresponding to each 4 colors of gems: Green, Blue, Red & Yellow.
● Understanding the ability of Heroes to put together the greatest combo is crucial depending on the strategy.

● You can summon your Heroes by matching 3 or more gems. The more gems you merge, the more tanky your Hero will be - same goes to your Hero's damage.
● Heroes can be sacrificed for the greater good by connecting with other gems of the same color to summon new Heroes with higher damage.
● The gems on both sides of the battlefield are inseparable by the middle gap. That means every turn, 'gravity' causes gems to fall to the player who is in turn. Use 'gravity' to your own advantage by predicting what will happen next when it reverses.

Matching Gems

Signature Skill

● Each one has an unique strength that relates to their own characteristics, which is expressed by what we call Signature Skill.
● You are responsible for building your mutual support team by selecting a potent mix of Heroes with flexible attacking styles, eg close-range combat, long-range attack, supporting, harassing, etc.


● Open Beta Main Season will take place in 6 weeks, top 100 players on the leaderboard per week will receive the prizes:

Open Beta Weekly Bonus ( 8/7-19/8 )

Premium Tournament

● We have 8 rank tiers in this Open Beta version:

● The Elo ranking system is based on the rating gap between the players and dictates how many points they can win or lose.
● If the higher-rated player wins, a few points are taken from the lower-rated player.
● If the lower-rated player wins, a lot of points are taken from the higher-rated player.

● Heroes perk is the unique passive of a race or class, which will show salient features of the race or class. Each Hero possesses unique perks based on Race & Class, which can strategically influence the outcome of every move in the game.

Heroes Perk

● Synergy is the buff that will activate when the team has a roster to satisfy Synergy's requirements. Selecting which Heroes to fight on the battlefield is now more crucial than ever, since it will give the Roster unique boosts.


● With the new system in Open Beta, Heroes may level up and learn new Skills.

Heroes progress system

● A brand new in-game utility contributing to the birth of the Create-to-Earn model. The amount of Gold earned will be scaled by the player's rank level after the match.


● Heroes have their own Signature skill. Heroes’ Skills will be put in slot 1. ( Summoner skills ).
● Summoners can also craft skills for their Hero that take up 3–4 Skill slots. The Genesis heroes can possess up to 4 Skill slots.










● You will possess a maximum of 5 Energy Stones.
● Your Energy Stone will be lost only if you fail to win.
● When you run out of Energy Stone, you will not be able to play.
● Each Energy Stone requires 2 hours to recover or you can use 40 $HIMO to recover them all.

Energy Refill System

● Players can collect Hero Fragments and combine them into a complete Hero deployed in PvP battles.
● The list of combinable Heroes is diverse, including both the normal and the genesis, especially Nguyễn - our Legendary hero.

Hero Fragments

● Eventually, Top 16 will be chosen to conquer the prize pool of up to USDT 20,000! There will be a premium tournament with rules, observers and streamers, where you can fight to your heart content!